My Favorite Morphe Brushes

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I’m really excited to be writing this post because I am a die hard Morphe lover. Their products are great quality and they are super affordable. I think it’s an amazing brand and they just continue to get better. If I had to choose one thing I love the most, it’s their brushes.

I will list out my favorites for you in the order that I use them, and if you click on the name of the brush, it will take you directly to the Morphe site. When I purchase from Morphe, I always use Jaclyn Hill’s discount code (JACATTACK) at check out. She is my favorite Beauty YouTuber who does amazing makeup tutorials. This code will get you 10% off.


**Listed in order of the picture above.

M439 (foundation): This is the best foundation brush I’ve ever used. When I’m being lazy and don’t want to use my Beauty Blender, I use this to buff out my foundation. It makes your skin look flawless with barely any work. This brush is also perfect for stick foundation. I prefer to use a brush for stick foundation rather than a Beauty Blender.

Pointed Contour (concealer): This specific brush is part of a 6 piece set and isn’t sold individually, but I will link a similar one here that I have heard is great. I use this type of brush for my concealer (again, when I’m too lazy to use the Beauty Blender). I love the shape of it because it fits perfectly underneath the eye and blends out concealer flawlessly.

E20 (to buff concealer): I use this brush to buff out and perfect my concealer before I set it. My concealer tends to settle in my laugh lines beneath my eyes, so this brush is great to buff that out because of it’s small size and tapered shape. Foundation also has a tendency to settle in the creases around my nose, so I use this brush to smooth that area out as well. Getting this brush might be a little “extra” for some people, but it’s a necessity for me.

E3 (to set concealer): Setting concealer is a MUST. For me, it doesn’t matter if I’m using the best concealer on the planet, it will still crease and settle into the lines under my eyes. This is true for most people. I use this brush to set my concealer with translucent powder. I really love the pointed shape and it’s sooo soft.

E41 (powder): This is one of my newer Morphe brushes and I’m obsessed! Since the foundations I usually wear are pretty dewy, I almost always set my cheek area with a light powder so that my bronzer blends smoothly on top. This brush would be perfect for those of you that set your whole face with powder or just want to throw on powder foundation very quickly. It’s so big and fluffy, so you can set your whole face in a few seconds.

M527 (bronzer): This brush is the best bronzing brush! It blends perfectly and provides a really natural finish. It’s really easy to use because it’s big and fluffy, but it also has a tapered shape, so it fits perfectly in the areas where your bronzer should go (on your cheekbones, and around the edges of your face.

E4 (blush): This is technically a contour brush, but I use this for blush because of how it fits on the apples of your cheeks. It also distributes the perfect wash of color because of how soft the bristles are.

M510 (highlight): The the most amazing highlighting brush! It has longer bristles and is slightly pointed, so it applies a precise highlight to the cheeks so easily.



**Listed in order of the picture above.

Mini Angled Buffer (eye primer): I use this brush to apply eye primer to my eyelids before I put on eye shadow. Eye primer is a must so that your shadow doesn’t crease and it lasts all day. I prefer to use a brush for this because if you use your fingers, the oils in your skin will mix with the primer, making it counterproductive. This brush is also sold in a 6 piece set, however I will link a similar one here.

E21 (to set eye primer): Just as you would your concealer, you should always set your eye shadow primer with a translucent powder or bone colored shadow. Setting the primer will allow your shadows to blend more easily. If you don’t set your primer, the shadows could apply very patchy and not blend well. I love this brush for that because the shape fits perfectly on your eye lid so it’s super easy to use.

G14 (eye shadow – lid): This brush is great for packing shadow onto your lid. If I use a shimmery shadow, I will dampen the brush first and then apply the color. This will intensify the color of the shadow.

M441 (eye shadow – high crease): I use this brush to sweep the transition color all over the crease, including the high crease (the space from the crease up to where your brow bone begins). This brush is nice and fluffy, so it’s perfect for applying that first transition shade.

M433 (eye shadow – low crease): This brush is awesome for blending shadow into the crease and the low crease (right below the brow bone). It’s a smaller brush compared to the M441, so with this one, you’ll want to keep it in the low crease and not go very high.

R37 (eye shadow – deep crease): This brush is similar to the M441 in size, except this one is pointed. I love the point on this brush because it allows you to blend shadows into the deep crease of your eye.

M506 (eye shadow – deep crease or outer V): I loooove this brush. I use this for packing deeper shades onto the outer V of my eye or blending out the shadow in the deep crease. I have small eyes and not a ton of lid space, so this brush is essential for people with hooded/small eyes.

E18 (lower lash line): When I do my makeup, it’s a must for me to blend shadow on my lower lash line. It really makes your eyes pop and just gives your face life. It’s crazy how much of a difference it makes. It’s one of my favorite parts of putting on my makeup! This brush is perfect for it.

E36 (inner corner highlight): I use this brush to highlight the inner corner of my eyes, and I also use it when I add highlight to my brow bone (which is 90% of the time). This is a great precision brush!

I hope this post was helpful for those of you who need really good brushes but aren’t sure what to buy. If you have a question about any of them or about any other types of brushes I recommend, just leave me a comment! Again, if you want to purchase any of these brushes, you can use code JACATTACK to get 10% off!

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great Monday!

xoxo Kristle








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