Simple, Every Day Makeup

Happy Thursday, friends! Today, I’m sharing a simple makeup look that is perfect for every day. And the best part….I only used 6 products, which are all linked at the end of the post. I’ll share with you what I used, and also how I achieved it. I think this look is great because anyone can do it…no matter how skilled or unskilled you are at makeup application. So here we go!

Products used:

  • Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation in shade 07 Sand
  • Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion in shade 30M
  • Benefit Gimme Brow in shade 3
  • Loreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara
  • Becca Highlight in shade Opal
  • Anastasia Lip Gloss in shade St. Tropez
how to achieve the look:

  • Apply foundation: apply foundation with a Beauty Blender or your favorite foundation brush all over your face, including underneath your eyes to conceal. This foundation is key for this look because it provides enough coverage underneath your eyes that you really don’t need to use concealer, especially when you’re in a hurry and want to get out the door. Also, this foundation goes a long way, so you really don’t need to use more than one pump.
  • Apply bronzer to your face and eyes: bronze up your face by sweeping it all over your cheek bones, including the apples of your cheeks, your forehead, jaw, and bridge of the nose. Using that same bronzer, sweep it all over your eye lids, blending up towards your brow bone. Also apply bronzer on your lower lash line, blending it until diffused. I love using bronzer as eye shadow when I’m in a hurry. It adds more color to your face and makes you look more awake. It’s also the easiest thing ever because you can just be messy with it and it still looks good.
  • Enhance your eyebrows: Give your brows a little bit of color by brushing through them with Benefit’s Gimme Brow. When you’re doing a quick look like this and you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your brows, this product is amazing. It quickly gives your brows some color, without having to spend 10 minutes precisely filling them in and shaping them. If you don’t do anything with your brows, then you can skip this step.
  • Highlight all key points of your face: add highlight to your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, brow bone, and inner corners of your eyes. I also added a bit of highlight to the top of my lips to make them look a bit more plump. This step will make your skin look glowy, healthy, and fresh.
  • Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes: apply two coats of your favorite mascara to your top and bottom lashes. I’ve recently fallen in love with the new Loreal Lash Paradise mascara. It makes your lashes look longer and fuller without being clumpy.
  • Apply lipstick or lip gloss: finish off your look by putting on your favorite lip color or gloss. I love the Anastasia glosses because they are super pigmented and last much longer than most glosses. I have really been into the color St. Tropez for the hotter months because it has a bit of a gold tint to it, but for the Fall months I would use either a cranberry or taupe shade. This look is also really great if you like bold lip colors. Because the face is so simple, you can pull of any lip color with this look.

I hope y’all enjoyed this simple makeup! It’s great for when you’re in a hurry but still want to look put together and fresh. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

xoxo Kristle



Local Eats: San Antonio

Hi friends! This blog post is a little different than what I normally do, but a while back one of my friends told me that he would want to see some posts about local food spots that I recommend around San Antonio. Since my husband and I are always wanting to trying new places, I thought it was a really good idea. So, I’ll be writing more posts like this in the future as we try places we love! Here are a few spots that we highly recommend so far!

Fattboy burgers & dogs (website here)

This place is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. There are two locations in San Antonio: one off of Vance Jackson (the original location), and the other is in Huebner Oaks. We got a little bit of everything….fried pickles (my favorite), burgers, chili cheese fries, and a hot dog. We went all out!! You can tell that everything is made fresh to order and nothing is frozen. Their fries are hand cut, which I love, and their burgers are nice and juicy. We went to the original location, which is much older and smaller, and is sort of a hole in the wall, but sometimes those are the best kinds of places, am I right? They also have shakes that looked awesome, but we couldn’t fit anything else in our bellies, so we’ll have to try those next time!

Lulu’s bakery & cafe (website here)

Home of the best chicken fried steak EVER and the 3 pound cinnamon roll! Do y’all see how big their chicken fried steak is?! They have different sizes, but of course my husband wanted to get the biggest one. The thing that makes their chicken fried steak stand out to me is that you can get queso on top of it instead of gravy. I have never seen that anywhere else. Now, I love me some white gravy on chicken fried steak, but I wanted to try something different….and I will tell you that I was NOT disappointed. It was the best chicken fried steak I’d ever had! For dessert we of course had to get the famous 3 pound cinnamon roll. You can’t go to Lulu’s without getting it! Sometimes we’ll go just for that and coffee. And they’re open 24 hours. You can’t beat it!

Southerleigh (website here)

Located at The Pearl. Not only is the food great, but the atmosphere is so fun! I love the industrial look of it. Their menu is very different than any other restaurant you will go to – lots of their menu options change frequently, which is really cool because you won’t ever expect the same thing every time. Jacob had chicken and waffles and said it was some of the best fried chicken he’d ever had. I’m a pretty basic bitch and went with the fried chicken sandwich. Normally that would sound like a boring thing to order with all of the other options, but this wasn’t your basic chicken sandwich. The pickles on the sandwich are homemade and the sauce they put on it was unreal! Another thing I love is that they will serve you a cocktail to go!

the original blanco cafe (website here)

This is definitely one of my favorite Mexican restaurants that we frequent. I am super picky about my cheese enchiladas and these are some of the best! It’s not a fancy place, but that’s what I love about it. It’s just a place you go when you want some really good Mexican food but don’t feel like going out to a fancy restaurant. I know there are many places like that in San Antonio, but this one is always a winner. We normally go for breakfast and get tacos, or we’ll go during lunch when I’m craving enchiladas (which is like every day….I’m drooling right now thinking about it). Jacob usually gets their fideo loco. He says it reminds him of his grandma’s fideo.

original hot dog house (website here)

My husband took me to this place for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I loved it! I didn’t even know we had a place like this in San Antonio. It’s off of 281 and Bitters. They have any type of hot dog you can think of! I had a frito pie hot dog and OMG…..SO GOOD. We also had their fried pickles which were awesome, and their homemade chips. They also have burgers, which I’ll have to try the next time we go. But if you love hot dogs like we do, then this is your kind of place!

Thanks for reading, guys! Let me know in the comments if you try any of these places and how you like it! Like I said, I will be writing many more posts like this, so stay tuned!

xoxo Kristle