God Bless Texas

Happy Friday! I’m currently in Brazoria, TX visiting with Jacob’s family to celebrate his birthday and the July 4th holiday. It’s a small town about 4 hours away from San Antonio. We absolutely love coming out here when we need to get away and relax. We also have our friends come out here with us, so that makes it even better. I’ll probably dedicate a whole post to our weekend here, so more to come next week!

Today, this post is dedicated to my love for my state and the place I will always call home….TEXAS! I thought it would be fun to talk about the things I love most about it. No, we don’t all ride horses to work and school. No, we don’t all have accents. No, we don’t always wear boots and cowboy hats (only sometimes). And no, we don’t all live on a farm or in the desert. I will say though, that we definitely love our sweet tea, fried foods, and we are as prideful as they come. We do, after all, live in the best state in the country!

Here are a few of my favorite things that make Texas what it is.

  • Whataburger – In-N-Out has nothing on this! If you are ever in Texas, you HAVE to stop at Whataburger. It’s seriously the best fast food burger you will ever eat! And not to mention, the fries and apple pies are amazing. Also, I know this is weird to say, but even the ketchup and mustard are better here than anywhere else. So good, that you can buy Whataburger ketchup and mustard at the grocery stores!
  • Big Red – Created in Waco, TX, this is a soda that you choose when you’ve had a long night of drinking, and you just need some soda and greasy food. This just makes it all better. The taste is really hard to describe, but just try and think of drinking bubble gum, with a mix of cotton candy, strawberry, and vanilla that burns so good when it goes down. It’s amazing and you just have to taste it for yourself.
  • Blue Bell – I can’t talk enough about this ice cream. I couldn’t live without it. One of the things that we Texans are proud of is our Blue Bell. There’s no other ice cream like it! And there are so many flavors, like Southern Blackberry Cobbler, Banana Split, and Pralines and Cream. I love most of the flavors, but I’m a simple girl, so I always go back to my OGs, Homemade Vanilla or Cookies and Cream. Sometimes I’ll put Big Red on top of the Homemade Vanilla and make a float. It’s the best thing on this Earth.
  • H-E-B – Just imagine the largest grocery store you can think of that literally has everything you would need….even clothes, DVDs, and books. They even make fresh, homemade tortillas right in front of you. In the bigger H-E-Bs, you’ll see freshly made sushi, salsa, guacamole, juices, and samples galore. It’s the ultimate grocery shopping experience. It is definitely true when they say, “Everything is bigger in Texas”.
  • Breakfast Tacos – This pretty much puts the breakfast burrito to shame. I’m sure breakfast burritos are good….but that just means you’ve never been to Texas and had breakfast tacos. They are loaded with anything you can think of – beans, eggs, bacon, potatoes, sausage, cheese, and random types of meat that you would probably think is disgusting if you aren’t from here….like tripas, barbacoa, and carne guisada. The possibilities are endless. I love living in San Antonio specifically, because you can get breakfast tacos at every corner! My simple self goes for the same thing every time……bean and cheese. If I’m feeling frisky, I might add bacon.
  • Texas Country & BBQ – One of my favorite things about my state is Texas Country music. I think that country music has changed a lot and is definitely more “poppy” than country. Texas Country to me, is what country music should be like. Some of my favorites that I think define Texas Country are Stoney LaRue, Josh Abbott Band, Roger Creager, Pat Green, and Randy Rogers Band. There are many, many more, but those are my favorites. And of course this wouldn’t be Texas without the BBQ! There is so much great BBQ in this state, but the best I’ve tasted so far is Blacks BBQ in Luling, TX. There is nothing better than Texas Country, BBQ, and BEER! That is true Texan.
  • Texas Sunsets and Bluebonnets – There is just something about the sunsets here. I swear they are different! I’ve heard many people that aren’t from Texas make comments about our sky. It’s full of pinks, purples, blues, and oranges. And not to mention, in the Spring, our state fills up with the Texas flower: BLUEBONNETS! I’ll stop talking about it and just attach a picture below. Isn’t it beautiful?! It is definitely God’s country.

I had the best time writing this post! I hope y’all enjoyed it. Cheers to the weekend and having a great 4th of July holiday!

xoxo Kristle

**Shirt is from Francesca’s. You can get it here.

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Natural Waves

Hi friends! I had an idea recently to start doing something called “Beauty Tip Tuesday”, where I write a post, one or two Tuesdays out of each month, with simple beauty tips that have helped me up my skincare, haircare, and makeup game. Would that be something y’all would like? Let me know in the comments!

Today I wanted to share my tips to getting those natural waves that we all want. I have straight hair, so I am always trying different things to give my hair a more messy, wavy look.

This is my hair right after blow drying

Tip 1: Use a curling wand rather than a curling iron. A curling iron is going to give you those perfect curls, which are still pretty, but if you’re going for the more messy, natural look, a curling wand will be your best friend. The one I use is the Bellami 6 in 1 Curling Wand (25mm).

Tip 2: When you wrap your hair around the wand, leave about an inch of hair at the bottom that is not curled (as shown below). And don’t leave your hair on the wand for more than 5 Mississippis.

Tip 3: After you count to 5 Mississippis, let the hair fall. Do not hold the curl in your hand. Some people do this when they want their curls to stay longer, however doing this will prevent you from getting those “natural” waves.

Tip 4: Use a texturizing spray. This will help to “dirty” up your hair a bit and give it texture, which is really the key to that undone, natural wave look. It will also help to hold the curls. I use the Chi Texturizing Spray which works pretty well.

Here are the after photos!

Hopefully these tips help! I hope y’all are having a great week so far!

FYI: The shirt I’m getting ready in is from Forever 21. It’s so comfy! And I’ve been obsessed with tie dye lately. I’ll link it below along with some makeup products I used.

xoxo Kristle


Aerie Love

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I just wanted to quickly share a couple of comfy summer pieces that I got from Aerie today. First off, I absolutely love Aerie clothing, from their undies to their swimsuits…everything is just SO comfortable. It’s really hard for me to find unmentionables that are cute AND comfy because I am a curvy girl. Everything from Victoria’s Secret is gorgeous, but then I put it on and I’m falling out of it from all directions, which is not cute (not to mention their XL fits like a Small). So if you’re like me and you have trouble finding comfy bras that cover everything and undies that aren’t constantly giving you a wedgie, then Aerie is your place to be! I also like that their sizes are true. They don’t run too big or too small, they’re just perfect.

I got this really cute one-piece bathing suit and white lace bralette that I will probably be wearing all summer. I couldn’t find the link for this exact bathing suit, but I linked one that is very similar down below! I also linked the bralette I got, which is sooo pretty to wear under a see-through or low cut blouse, or even with a cute tank. Click below to shop!

xoxo Kristle


Watermelon Margaritas

Guyyyyyys! I’ve been so excited to post this because this is the easiest and the BEST margarita to make at home. And it’s perfect for summer because it’s super refreshing. About a year ago, my girlfriends and I had a girls night and this was our drink of the night. I haven’t stopped making them since!

What you’ll need:

  • Watermelon Chunks (I buy these already cut up)
  • Simply Limeade (or any kind of Limeade, this one is just my favorite)
  • Lime
  • Tequila
  • Ice
  • Optional: Chili Lime Salt (like Tajin or Twang Beer Salt)

How to make it:

  • Optional:  Wet the rim of your glass with lime and sprinkle with chili lime salt. I prefer to do this because it gives the margarita a little bit of a spicy flavor. It’s so good!!
  • Put 2-3 watermelon chunks in a glass and muddle (or smash with a fork like I do) until the watermelon is liquidy
  • Add ice to glass (it’s important not to do this until after you’ve muddled the watermelon)
  • Squeeze in half of a lime
  • Add one shot of tequila (or more if you’re feeling dangerous)
  • Fill the glass with limeade and mix

And voila! It’s so easy and SO good! This is always my go-to drink when I want something easy and flavorful.

Also, my mom got me a set of 4 of these gorgeous goblet glasses from Z Gallerie a few years ago. Their glassware is so chic, classy, and different. I found some similar ones and linked them here!

xoxo Kristle

Summer Reads

TGIF! Today I’ve picked some of my recent favorite books to share that I couldn’t put down! I think they’re perfect for those summer nights when you want to relax, be outside, and enjoy a good book. These are mostly murder-mystery, thriller, suspenseful type books (except for The Alchemist, which is my husband’s pick). I know these types aren’t for everyone, but murder-mysteries are my absolute favorite books to read!

Pretty Girls – This book is intense. I will also warn you that it can get graphic at times, so if you don’t like that sort of thing, then maybe skip this one. If that doesn’t bother you, then you will LOVE this read. Two estranged sisters, Claire and Lydia, reunite after Claire’s husband is shockingly murdered. The disappearance of a teenage girl also brings back the memories of their sister Julia, who vanished 20 years before. What could connect all of this? As the sisters do more digging, they unravel so many shocking secrets that answer all of the questions they’ve had for two decades. This thriller is a very fast read and you will be on the edge of your seat the whole time!

The Woman in Cabin 10 –  This one is a page-turner! A young journalist, Lo, is given the opportunity to take her work to the next level by going on a week long cruise on a luxury ship. Late one night, Lo hears what she thinks is a body being thrown overboard from the cabin next to her. Lo goes on a hunt to get to the bottom of what she heard, but she is having trouble because everyone on the ship is accounted for. This book will take you through so many twists and turns and definitely keeps you guessing all the way through!

The Girl on the Train –  Some people say this one is slow, but I say it’s just different. It’s definitely not full of action, but the content and the way it’s written is genius. Every day, Rachel takes the same train on a route that passes a beautiful row of houses. There is one house in particular that she focuses on – one where she has become slightly obsessed with watching/admiring the couple that lives there. One day, she sees something that disturbs her, so she goes to the police. But they see her as unreliable because of her recent issues with alcohol. She begins to do some crazy things that put her in the middle of a mind-blowing and unpredictable case, but maybe she’s not as crazy as everyone thinks. The thing I love the most about this book, is that the author writes from the point-of-view of many different characters. The delivery is smart, captivating, and thrilling.

The Alchemist – This one is my husband’s pick. I plan to do many more book reviews on this blog, so I will always try and include at least one of his picks. In this inspiring adventure, Santiago goes on a journey to find a treasure. While traveling, he meets many different people, learns valuable life lessons, and receives many different signs that lead him to his self-discovery. This book teaches you about taking risks and making the best out of any situation in life. I asked him if he could sum up the book in one sentence and his reply was, “everything you’ve ever dreamt of is right in front of you.”

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! There are so many books that I have on my list to read soon, so I will be sure to do many more book reviews when I read ones I love. I hope y’all have a great weekend!

xoxo Kristle